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Eau de Parfum Concentree

Odenaturae is inspired by The Eclogues (or Bucolics) , a series of writings by Virgil, discussing a pastoral vision of Rome and its citizens. The darker second half discusses why this bucolic yearning has drifted from its goals. The storytelling teems with goatherds, farmers, gods and demi-gods, bees, crops, trees, and animal husbandry.

Odenaturae is luminous, as if chlorophyll glows from within and assembled by pollen-drunk bees glutted on the meadow flowers, herbs, and trees of hot Italian countryside. The perfume is divided into three sections: Horti, Bucolic Landscapes and Spring Wildflowers. Horti is where we find molten bitter orange, quiet indoles, and the distinctive odour of tomato leaf in an overgrown greenhouse where plants push at mossy glass. Wild berries caught up in the tangle add a feline nuance.

The centrepiece is a landscape of herbs; hyssop, clary sage, savory, chilly angelica, basil, the shrubby liquorice of immortelle, and pungent, hay-like blue and roman chamomile. A touch of mastic ignites this dense herbaceous experience. In the third section, as the perfume warms through, Odenaturae blooms on the skin with rose and orange flower absolutes and the waxen vanilla pungency of broom. Conjuring up sunny hillsides carpeted in spiky foliage and custard-scented yellow flowers.

Virgil’s prose flows through Odenaturae, he walks with us when we wear it, softly reciting his bucolic observations. A superlative achievement of absorbing realism and abstract storytelling.


  • Bitter Orange, Tomato Leaf, Wild Berries
  • Hyssop, Roman Chamomile, Blue Chamomile, Basil, Imortelle, Laurel, Lentisque, Clary Sage, Angelica, Rose Centifolia Absolute, Orange Flower Absolute, Broom Absolute
  • Grove Woods, Great Outdoors

Perfumer: Cristiano Canali, 2023

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