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Many brands talk about storytelling in scent, but rarely do they execute as exquisitely as it’s done in Rubini’s NUVOLARI.

The fragrance is inspired by Italian racing driver Tazio Nuvolari, famous for his daring feats of speed. Ferdinand Porsche declared him the "the greatest driver of the past, the present and the future."

His greatest victory arrived in 1935 against Nazi Germany, driving an underpowered Alfa Romeo Tipo B. The Nazi government was in attendance at the Nurburgring Grand Prix that day, and with five Mercedes and four Auto Union machines competing, a German victory was all but assured; no other cars were capable of keeping pace, especially the little Alfa.

Despite a terrible start and refueling delays, by the final lap, Nuvolari was in second place. The leader, Mafred von Brauchitsch—aboard his Mercedes-Benz W25B—had a 30 second lead. Nuvolari wheeled his machine at an unfathomable pace, catching the leader and passing him to claim what was described as an "impossible victory."

This is the setting for Rubini’s NUVOLARI.

Creative Director, Andrea Rubini, and perfumer, Cristiano Canali, spent the better part of three years in an olfactory dialogue, developing the unique accords that create NUVOLARI’s story. A fuel accord that accompanies the top notes of spiky black pepper and hiss of citrus. The motor racing accord in the heart, wrapped in grassy peppermint and neroli is an astonishing feat of fragrant creativity. A steaming asphalt accord sizzles in the drydown alongside Haitian vetiver and the deep shadow of Laotian oud.

NUVOLARI is spectacularly creative perfumery. If I had to place it within the context of popular perfumery, I’d say it sits somewhere in the realm of a collision between Dior’s Farenheit and Bvlgari Black. Definitely give it a spin on your skin.