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Miskeo Parfums

The translucent allure of Miskeo perfumes Epices, Brume, Feuille, Pistil and Daim combines glassy enigma and strict thematic controls. The perfumes echo one another without any implication of laziness, instead conjuring a house mood, a carefully created ambience that lies behind them. The other materials are delineated with love, fading with winsome shadows. 

Epices, Brume, Feuille, Pistil and Daim operate in a similar way; the vignette of materials registering with beautiful edges and mood. The gentle reveal is both expected and unordinary. Miskeo was launched in 2022 by Perfumer Marie-Pierre Blanchette and colleague Pep Dalessandri who works as the Miskeo evaluator. The name Miskeo derives from Latin, Miscéo, meaning to mix and blend.

There is something aloof and mysterious about Miskeo. They don’t give much away, ridding themselves of the usual extraneous list of materials and suggested aroma profiles. There are three main notes proffered for each perfume; these are the triptychs around which other notes fade and fall away, creating the desired impression of vignettes.They are independent, handcrafted and created in small-batch. 

The eye-catching photography is gorgeous, a globular combination of Cronenberg flesh, Christmas baubles, scented viscera in eye-popping hues, everything oozing, the body as human geode.

The five perfumes Epices, Brume, Pistil, Feuille and Daim are presented as The Elements. On their website Miskeo say:

 ‘…collection conjures intimate vignettes taking place around a central, scented theme, from which unfold layered stories.’

Most people will know vignettes as a photo app tool, closing in or extending the edge-light framing of an image. It also refers to a concise story, an encapsulation of intent. Applying the concept of vignettes to perfume is lovely. For example, Épices has coriander seed, Clearwood and creamy cedar as its highlighted materials, but over time other ingredients behind them rise, support, and then fade away, with no edges, only the blur of sfumato.

The Elements are awash with this complex blending. Oceanic, smoke, spices, suede, snapped stems, buzzing summer gardens and leaf mulch. Miskeo is another grownup collection, transitioning beautifully curated materials into sleek enigmatic compositions, which will both startle and soothe.


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