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Marissa Zappas’s fragrances are filled with love letters to women. Conjured accords woven into fragrant histories and destinies divined echo through manifestations of past, present and future selves. 

Tragedy, her latest work made in collaboration with actor Ruby McCollister, was inspired by McCollister’s one woman show of the same name. Tragedy, which is actually a comedy, based on her growing up in a haunted theatre in Los Angeles. 



Because it’s one of McCollister’s favourite perfumes, and also because it was a perfume worn by so many tragic figures of silver screen history, Fracas was a springboard for Tragedy, but Zappas edged it to a darker place with fir balsam, patchouli, amber and geosmin.



But, in my opinion, I think friendship is the most important element to Tragedy. Listening to their interview with Perfume Room’s Emma Vernon, I loved the feeling of mutual empowerment shared between them and how they’re using Tragedy the perfume to celebrate scented sisterhood and shared experiences amongst women past and present both through tragedy and in triumph. 


Listen to the whole episode at:



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