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On Thursday 28th July, I will be hosting my first Sainte Cellier event. It starts at 7:30pm, and is happening at Alice House in Queen's Park. The room is booked until 10:00pm.

If you'd like to book a spot, you can do so here:


We’re also be celebrating the debut of ERIS Parfums in the UK. Prior to launching ERIS Parfums, the brand’s Founder and Creative Director Barbara Herman, who also happens to be an expert on vintage perfume, wrote a book called Scent & Subversion: Decoding A Century Of Provocative Perfume. In it, she writes about several of Germaine Cellier’s perfumes, and I’ll be reading those on the night.

I’ll be bringing authentic vintage perfumes from my personal collection out for the evening to share with the guests. Everyone who attends will receive a 1ml decant of their favourite vintage Cellier perfume and a 2ml sample of their favourite ERIS Parfums fragrance. The entire ERIS collection will be there to try too.

It'll be a relaxed evening of smelling perfume, chatting and sharing impressions (if you want to).

It’s free to attend, but there’s only room for twenty. Please only reserve a spot if you can make it. There's a bar there where everyone can buy drinks and nibbles.