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Iris Perle can trace the lineage of its form back to Chanel No 19 (Henri Robert, 1971). But where No 19 is famed for centering its hivernal orris root heart between the hard-edged broad strokes of bitter, green galbanum and moss-laden forest floors, Iris Perle’s structure smells like an assemblage of celestial bodies plucked from the midnight sky.


Iris Perle trades the green for gold. It’s a perfume that opens in dappled impressionism. Sparkling citruses, gentle viridescence and shiver of pulverulent ionones surround the iris in a pearly evanescence. A sprinkling of honey-dusted mimosa creates an effect of fleeting winter sunlight shining on snow. A delicate application of lustrous ylang-ylang anchors Iris Perle with the faintest whisper of leather on the skin.


The beauty of what perfumer Antoine Lie has created with Iris Perle is that this is a perfume that wears so diaphanously, but yet manages to maintain its presence and volume. Not loud by any means, but ever-present and, certainly, outrageously gorgeous company to spend a day with.