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Artimique is a new Italian luxury perfume brand launched this year, based in Venice. Behind the scented masque is Creative Director, Sara Marzochchini. Her background in the sciences augmented by fragrance training led her to launching three distinctive perfumes: Shower & Smoke, Jasmine Gyokuro and Coconut Blanket. The trio are superb examples of olfactive trope-shifting, created by Cristiani Canali, perhaps one the most innovative perfumers in the world right now. 

His perfumes are never less than fascinating. Creations such Bee for Zoologist, Romanza for Masque Milano, and the Rubini Collection are exceptionally good. His signature if one was needed is his innate comprehension of how materials move through the landscapes of his work. There is opulence, and bohemian sensuality throughout his work, and now Artimique allows us to experience side by side his avant-garde comfort and richness of three fascinating works. 

Over the last twenty years, Italy has been quietly establishing itself at the heart of unconventional romanticism. Gabriella Chieffo, Meo Fuscini, Bogue, Mendittorosa, Unum, Masque Milano, Nasamato and Orto Parisi to name a few. Now Sara and Cristiano float their triptych on Venetian waters. The industry oscillates between the adoration of storytelling, and immaculate start-ups that concentrate purely on the perfumes and nose on display. This approach is fuss-free; we can wear the formulae without the arduous distraction of marketing.

One thing is for sure, the perfumes, Jasmine Gyokuro, Coconut Blanket, and Shower & Smoke are a delicious breath of olfactive air and fascinating to wear.


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