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Eau de Parfum

Pure silk is something gauzy, diaphanous and iridescent, a bolt of fabric poured onto a wooden table, the weave and weft intricately assembled, delicate colours, vibrantly mirrored embroidery on sarees, decorated with gold thread on saffron and azure grounds. Shine, undulation and liquid dazzle.

Niral is a homage to the silk processes, particularly tussar silk, that had a muted natural golden tone. The printing and dyeing industrialist and author Sir Thomas Wardle (1831-1901) made it his mission to export and promote sericulture, in particular tussar silk from Bengal and Kashmir.

His wife, Lady Elizabeth was a skilled embroiderer and together they founded the well-known Leek Embroidery Society. Elizabeth had contacts, including William Morris, who had worked with Sir Thomas on developing dyes. The use of tussar silk was encouraged by the Leek Society embroiderers due to Lady Elizabeth’s access to her husband’s fabric imports from the far east. One of their most famous achievements is a complete version of The Bayeux Tapestry.

Niral, meaning unique, calm and serene, is inspired by the beauty of natural silk and its Indian origins. It signifies the start of a new olfactory chapter for Neela Vermeire, and while the sublime signature of rosaceous woods, elegant spices and lush piquancy of white flowers is still present, there is a shift towards a more profound examination of texture and tactility of the materials. So, there is delicate familiarity, but Niral has delicious additions of cabreuva, that imparts a warm, vanillic fullness and whiff of dried flowers with a dip of syrupy autumn fruits.

Not often seen in perfumery, lie de vin verte, known as green cognac, is a by-product of the wine industry. When wines are bottled without the racking filtering process, they often develop a bready vibe in sparkling wines and a creamy zest to other wines, especially Muscadets. Using this in tandem with the more viscous cabreuva a moreish tawny booziness compliments the classic Neela Vermeire signature.

Returning to the silkiness and elegance of Niral, it is hard to ignore the artistry of the composition, the combination of Neela’s passion for her spiritual homeland and Bertrand Duchaufour’s unique merchant traveller’s instinct for odours making for an alluring and magical perfume.


  • Pink Pepper, Tea, Lie de vin Verte (Green Cognac), Angelica seed
  • Cardamom, Iris, Turkish Rose, Magnolia, Jasmine Absolute
  • Cabreuva, Ambrette Seed, Leather, Sandalwood, Cedar

inci list: Alcohol (SD alcohol 40-B), parfum (fragrance), aqua (water), alpha-isomethyl ionone, BHT, citral, citronellol, farnesol, geraniol, limonene, linalool, t-butyl alcohol, tocopherol

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